Baby-led Weaning

Baby-led Breastfeeding: How to make breastfeeding work - with your baby's help

About the Book

Forget stressful routines, painful breasts and problems with milk supply. This straightforward guide shows you how to follow your baby's lead so you can enjoy relaxed and pain-free breastfeeding. With practical advice on interpreting your baby's needs, Baby-led Breastfeeding explains in simple terms how breastfeeding works and why staying in tune with your baby is the key to effortless feeding.

Discover how to...

  • Help your baby follow his instincts from the very first feed
  • Make the most of the first few weeks to get breastfeeding up and running
  • Hold your baby in ways that will help him to feed effectively
  • Recognise when breastfeeding is going well and be confident that your baby is getting plenty of milk
  • Avoid common problems, from sore nipples to mastitis

Baby-led Breastfeeding is a sensible and sensitive guide that will help you and your baby develop a happy and fulfilling breastfeeding relationship.

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