***** Brilliant! Really recommend it to everyone starting weaning

January 30th, 2009

By Mrs E Lawrence

This book is brilliant. If you want an alternative way to wean it follows all the latest advice given out and is so good at getting your baby to enjoy mealtimes.

Get it and recommend it to all your other friends and family!

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***** Made eating fun and exciting for me and my son

January 28th, 2009

By Mrs A Lancaster

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending baby-led weaning to anyone, and this is a perfect background to the why and how. My son now eats anything we do 🙂

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***** An absolute must to avoid a fussy eater!

January 12th, 2009

By “the goblin”

I stumbled across baby led weaning (BLW) whilst trying to learn about weaning my baby. I was absolutely clueless and dreading the thought of pureed peas and other disgusting mush that I would have to feed her. BLW sounded like the answer as there is no mushing at all, just give your baby a piece of food and let them get on with it.

This book answered all my questions about the risks of choking, when to stop breast feeding, what sort of food to offer and so on. I will be lending it to my childminder to read so she understands it before I go back to work.

My baby is not quite 6 months old so I haven’t started feeding her yet, but I can’t wait. I was (and still am) a fussy eater, I’m getting better, but I don’t want her to grow up with the same meal time battles and bribes ‘you’ll not get dessert if you don’t eat your greens…’

It is true that this book says ‘just give them what you eat’ but that is the point. And it can apparently take some babies a few months to actually swallow anything. Again, that is the point. Babies have to learn about food, textures and tastes. They also have to learn how to hold it the right way up to get it in their mouth in the first place. Also how hard to grab it, so as not to squish it everywhere is another lesson. They learn much more to boot, hand-eye coordination, the effects of gravity, how to chew and so on.

If you’re thinking about weaning your baby and you are ready for a lot of mess then get this book, it’s a must read that I couldn’t put down!

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***** Baby-led Weaning: Helping your baby to love good food

January 7th, 2009

By J. Rusden

We were already ‘Baby Led Weaners and were waiting for the book as we were still relatively new to the concept. It was worth the wait! It has given us loads of confidence. Money well spent!

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***** Excellent

January 6th, 2009

By Caroline King

I was recommended this book and also Gill’s CD and it opened by eyes to a new way of doing things. Many of my friends had started weaning as early as 17 weeks with baby rice but it didn’t appeal to me. One month in and my baby boy loves feeding himself – the only downfall is that he wants to “help” me when I feed him things like yougurt or if I need to give him medicine and so it goes everywhere but this is all part of the fun!
Over Christmas, both Grannies mentioned that they were worried about the amount of food my boy was eating which made me question what we are doing – one quick re-read of certain parts of the book put my mind back to rest!

If you are interested in a different way of weaning then this is an excellent place to start. As mentioned in other reviews, however, there are no recipes, just ideas.

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***** So much more natural than spooning in purees all the time!!

January 3rd, 2009

By B Stott

What a fantastic book! I wish I had it 5 years ago when I was weaning my eldest. My little one didn’t like being spoon fed so I explored other options and came across baby-led weaning on the internet. A complete lifesaver for me and for her. She loves feeding herself and it has saved me so much time and energy. Now when we go out she will eat almost anything and her manual dexterity is excellent.

I was most worried about the choking and gagging but it is amazing how well babies can cope when you let them lead the way. I feel confident that baby-led weaning will really help my little one to be led by her appetite as she gets older, rather than led by someone spooning mush into her until the bowl is empty.

I highly recommend this book to any new parents and to any parents whose babies are not keen on being spoon fed. Try it (and feel free to combine it with a bit of spoon-feeding too, if that makes you more comfortable!)

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***** – A common sense approach

December 15th, 2008

By Gem “Purgula”

I am just starting to wean my daughter who is 5 & 1/2 months old. I was unsure about weaning, until I found this book; it gives great advice and is all you will need for a raft of information. It doesn’t give recipes like some other weaning books but it doesn’t need to because your baby doesn’t need ‘Special’ foods.

Save yourself some money this is the only book on weaning you will need.

It is reassurance for anyone who is unsure about following a practice that is in reality the most natural and positive approach to weaning.

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Seen on Amazon – Really helpful, and a quick read for busy parents

December 3rd, 2008

I read this when my 2nd child was 6 months and about to start food. With my first child I followed all the puree rules, and consequently he is a terrible eater at 3 years old. Baby led weaning is a much better approach in my opinion. Plus its really really easy. Takes all the pressure off. Weaning is actually fun this time round. Read this if you are about to wean your baby on to food. It makes a very sensible case!

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Seen on Amazon – BLW Just go for it…this book will give you your confidence

December 2nd, 2008

Alison Orbell “Ali O”

We have been following the BLW principles before this book came to press but I eagerly awaited its publishing and bought it the first week. It did not dissappoint. I read the book cover to cover in 24 hours it was such an interesting and easy read so even if you are not thinking of BLW I would suggest reading it.

It puts all of the current and recent weaning practices (most of which can be happily ignored) into context so that you can explain to parents, health visitors, random advice wishers that you know what you are doing and that actually it is a healthy and sensible and more than safe approach.

I loved the pictures in the book as they made me smile that we are not the only ones going down this route and it gave me confidence to try some of the not so obviously baby friendly meals like Spag bol and stew.

The brilliant thing about BLW is that it can be so easy and fun. All you really need is a shower curtain or wipe clean floor and some nutritious food! No food processers, no fancy little pots or insulated this and that and also no worries that you have missed meal time because meal time is just when you eat.

Ok it is not rocky science and mums have been weaning like this for years…at least mums of very lucky children have , but I am so glad there is a book to give those of us who just need a little convincing we are right or need some explanations to justify our gut feel.

Read this and help your child and family enjoy their food.

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Seen on Amazon – Just the best and easiest way for your baby to eat

November 29th, 2008

Emma “Emma”

Forget hours of pureeing and mashing and cooking veg and fruit. This book gave me confidence to let my little one just get on with it, and eat proper food. A month in and she’s eaten Sunday roasts, Chinese Food, Spicy food, in fact she’s tried everything, and she’s the one in control of what goes in her mout, so no food battles.

Expect some odd looks from people who think your baby is going to choke as she begins to eat an apple (to date my baby has not). But I feel so proud when we sit down for a family meal and she tucks in with gusto to anything and everything. By not spoon feeding it means you get time to eat to with your baby to so it actually gives you more time.

Thank you Gill Rapley!!

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