Clara, 8 months

September 15th, 2009

“This is Clara, age 8 months. Clara is my third child, the thought of weaning her on purees and therefore cooking twice for each meal was horrifying so I was delighted to read about BLW.

“She absolutely LOVES it, I adore watching her select what to eat first from her tray – usually its green, i.e. string beans or broccoli, closely followed by red, tomato quarters or raspberries but she goes wild when she gets ½ an orange or a banana!

“Best thing I’ve ever done was to read THE book – my parents have also read it and think it’s a brilliant way to wean, but others are very sceptical about me passing her chicken legs or a strip of beef to suck on (beef comes out pale pink when she’s finished sucking it to pieces!)

“Another bonus, is that she teethed 8 teeth in 3 weeks, with no grizzling – I believe it was because she helped push them through with the biting, chewing and cold cucumber sticks!

“A fabulous way of weaning, such fun – I’ve enjoyed every mealtime and so has she!”

From Becky, West Sussex

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Geneva, 7 months

September 9th, 2009

“Geneva at 7 months old enjoying a meal of chicken drumsticks and roasted asparagus. She enjoys her meals and I love that there’s no pressure on me to force down spoonfuls of purees. I tell everyone about BLW because it has worked so well for us.”

From Rachael, Illinois, USA

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Latest book reviews

September 2nd, 2009

A revelation in weaning!! Ms. N. J. Yeo
“I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I got to 6 months and was concerned about weaning, as it seemed that the only option available was to puree food and swap [from breastfeeding] to formula, which I didn’t want to do. I spoke to my health visitor and she recommended baby-led weaning. Bought this book and we were away. He loves his food, will eat anything and is a joy to have at the dinner table. It has also forced the whole family to rethink the way we eat and the types of food we eat.”

Everything you need to know to wean your baby! Julie H
“I was advised by the Health Visitor to consider baby-led weaning but couldn’t find that much information online so decided to order this book. It is excellent, easy to read, explains exactly what and how to go about baby-led weaning and answers all the questions I both had myself and was getting from my mum! Max adores doing things for himself, is more than capable of learning to eat and this gives me a way to offer him real food. We are just starting the process but I feel I now have all the information to help me give my little boy exactly what he wants in the best possible way for him to enjoy mealtimes.”

Brilliant guide to teaching your baby to feed himself R White
“This is a great guide and helps with a lot of the worries that parents new to this might have. My son took to it really well, and three weeks in can now feed himself everything from toast to peaches to steak. A must-have for any parent who wants to teach their baby how to choose and eat their own food.”

BLW explained! Emma-Jayne Covington-Cross
“I bought this book because I had heard a few snippets regarding baby-led weaning … and was interested in finding out more before potentially embarking on it as a method of weaning onto solids.
It is an easy-to-read, informative book crammed with information and answers to questions I had. It gives a history to the trends in weaning and why current guidelines suggest weaning from 6 months and not earlier (as was suggested when I was a baby – 1970’s). Very much recommended reading.”

Excellent! Mrs. K Wiseman-Trowse
“This excellent book will really help build your confidence in approaching BLW and your baby’s introduction to real food, right from the start. I’m so glad I read it and would encourage others to do so.”

Excellent & very easy to read!! M Atkinson
“As someone interested in BLW but with no real idea of the details, [I found] this book fantastic! It’s easy to read, insightful and has real-life examples to help.”

At last, some common sense Sandy Calico
“Weaning was a lot of hassle with my eldest child. The puree/mash/chop guidelines were time-consuming and hard work. With my second child I wanted an alternative. I’d heard of baby-led weaning but had no idea what it was in practical terms. This book spelt it out.

There is so much in the book on the history, psychology and physiology of weaning. I did find myself waiting for the ‘what to feed them’ section, but of course the point is they can eat most foods, so this section is brief.

While I haven’t followed the book to the letter, I have taken so much from it, confidence in particular. Overall this book makes complete common sense and I highly recommend it.”

Essential Reading!!! R Cooper
“This book is an essential guide to ‘baby-led weaning’, from the medical understandings to the basic common sense. For somebody who likes to have all the facts laid out before embarking on any new venture I was pleased to see that this book was concise and informative. I am surprised that baby-led weaning is not the norm in the UK.”

Very interesting reading – yet to be tested Mrs. N Bond
“I was recommended this book for weaning our twins. They’re only just 5 months so I’ve got another month until I can start trying it but it has certainly been interesting reading and I really really want to try it. I do find the author repeats a lot of points over and over, but that’s probably a good thing for sleep deprived, post-pregnancy, addled-brain new mums. I defy you to read this book and not at least give BLW a go.”

Baby-led weaning J Doughty
“I was a bit sceptical about this concept to start with, but having read the book have been converted! Very easy to read and understand and full of helpful tips and good advice.”

Excellent book!! J Kirby
“I love this book!! It gave me a great insight into how babies feel towards food. It helped me decide exactly how I want to help my baby eat, progress and learn. I bought this book and the Annabel Karmel, read this first and sent back the other after reading the first 30 pages. Don’t bother with the other spoon-feeding books, read this one first – it’ll change your mind! My baby is now 9 months and eats better than a 1-year-old. I’m so proud of how far she’s come, we did it together!”

Must read – Does what it says on the cover!! Mrs Paula M Ramsden
“This is a brilliant book. It gave me so much confidence to do what I wanted to do, not what other people say I should do. [It] answered all the questions I had. There are no recipes in this book but you just need to use common sense and enjoy lots of mess!!!”

For more reviews see the Baby-Led Weaning Amazon page.

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New baby-led weaning book on the way!

September 2nd, 2009

Gill and Tracey have recently signed a deal with Vermilion to produce The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook. This will be a great family cookbook – giving confidence to those new to BLW and inspiration to any parents struggling to think of something to make for supper (or any other meal). Recipes and ideas will be contributed by BLW parents, tried and tested by BLW babies! The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook will make BLW even more accessible to parents. To contribute recipes or meal ideas, email

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Children’s Food Festival

September 2nd, 2009

Gill and Tracey spent a great weekend at the Children’s Food Festival near Oxford in June. Many BLW parents came to hear our question-and-answer sessions and to chat informally, and we really enjoyed meeting all the parents and their babies.

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The Italian Connection

September 2nd, 2009

In April, Gill went to Terni in Italy to meet up with a paediatrician who, we had discovered, has been thinking in parallel with us for the last few years. In an uncanny coincidence, Dr. Lucio Piermarini published his book, Io mi svezzo da solo! (I can wean myself!) in the same month as Baby-led Weaning came out in the UK. While she was there, Gill was invited by Dr. Piermarini to share the platform when his book was presented at the main library in Terni.

In Italy, parents see their child’s paediatrician as often as those in the UK see their health visitor and weaning ‘rules’ are very strict. Dr. Piermarini is very clear about where the blame for making weaning difficult lies – and apologises to his readers on behalf of himself and his paediatric colleagues. He is very clear that the person we should all listen to is the baby.

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