Lily, 7 months

January 29th, 2010

BLW – what a joy! Lily is a very independant and curious 7 month old who struggled with purees right from the beginning – jamming her lips shut, spitting out food, fidgeting and crying complete with tanties.

Not wanting to turn meal times into a negative experience, I found your book and read it cover to cover, excited to learn about this fantastic way to introduce food.

Since starting Lily on BLW a few weeks ago, meal times have been so much fun for Lily! She loves spaghetti bolognaise, cheese and here she is enjoying her first roast dinner with us! We love BLW – the best thing about it is that she just eats whatever we eat and is included in all our family meal times!


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Isabella – 6 months

January 20th, 2010

We started BLW when Isaeblla was 6months old & it has been fantastic. She is a great little eater & has treid (& enjoyed!) a huge variety of tastes & textures. I have loved feeding her this way. I’m so glad we chose to follow BLW. – Amy

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