John, 13.5 months

February 21st, 2012

Please find [a photo of] my John, how he wonderfully operates the fork, aged 13 months and 10 days. The idea of the fork before the spoon – great!


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BREAKING NEWS – 7 February 2012

February 7th, 2012

Research shows baby-led weaning promotes healthy food preferences.

An article published today in BMJ Open shows that baby-led weaning helps children to eat healthily.

Researchers found that babies who fed themselves with finger foods from the start of weaning were likely to eat more healthily and have a healthier BMI later than those who were spoon fed purees. Children who were weaned using a baby-led approach liked carbohydrates more than children who had been spoon fed, whereas children in the spoon-fed group liked sweet foods the best. More children in the spoon-fed group were overweight or obese than those in the baby-led group.

The authors say: “Our study suggests that baby-led weaning has a positive impact on the liking for foods that form the building blocks of healthy nutrition, such as carbohydrates. This has implications for combating the well-documented rise of obesity in contemporary societies”.

The findings are based on 155 children between the ages of 20 months and 6.5 years, whose parents completed a detailed questionnaire about their children’s weaning style and food preferences.

This confirms what parents of BLW babies have known all along: babies really do know best!

The study Baby knows best? The impact of weaning style on food preferences and body mass index in early childhood can be viewed here.

Click here for press coverage.

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