***** Reassuring and intuitive

February 26th, 2009

By Julie Jones

it is the end for mush and slop! Of course it is – i just wish i had thought / known about this approach with my first child. My second one, now 8 months old, had effectively been leading her own weaning it seems, and whilst i went along with it (not wanting to force food through her shut mouth, nor watch any more of it get spat out), i had slight concerns that she didn’t seem to be eating much, and still wanted to breast-feed so often. I was also guilty of not giving the food feeding process enough time what with my elder child to deal with too. But, Gill Rapley, amongst many other things, reassures you that food is still not really about hunger at this stage, but about play and experimentation. Hurray – food can be fun, and so we are having a ball! We as a family are so enjoying having our baby eating with us, eating what we’re eating, watching her try anything and everything, something or some times nothing, oversized but so well managed, it’s great! I look forward to mealtimes now where with my first child, to think of the lengths i used to go to to get a spoonful of food into her, never mind a little pot… Spoon-feeding mush to a baby now seems like a cruel sport, for both parent and baby alike. I thoroughly recommend anyone out there to forget all that and plunge straight into BLW – you’ll save time, effort, money, and most importantly (?!), your sanity!

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