The Italian Connection

September 2nd, 2009

In April, Gill went to Terni in Italy to meet up with a paediatrician who, we had discovered, has been thinking in parallel with us for the last few years. In an uncanny coincidence, Dr. Lucio Piermarini published his book, Io mi svezzo da solo! (I can wean myself!) in the same month as Baby-led Weaning came out in the UK. While she was there, Gill was invited by Dr. Piermarini to share the platform when his book was presented at the main library in Terni.

In Italy, parents see their child’s paediatrician as often as those in the UK see their health visitor and weaning ‘rules’ are very strict. Dr. Piermarini is very clear about where the blame for making weaning difficult lies – and apologises to his readers on behalf of himself and his paediatric colleagues. He is very clear that the person we should all listen to is the baby.

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