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October 21st, 2009

Great book,  Roni

This is a really informative and useful book for anyone wanting to learn about baby-led weaning. I wanted to find out more about BLW because my 7 month old daughter kept refusing a spoon and this book was such a revelation. Really glad I bought it.

Brilliant, BRILLIANT book, By H. Edwards

I only tried weaning our daughter with puree for about a month and found it totally demotivating and began to hate each meal time.

Just by chance I saw a newspaper article about baby-led weaning and decided to by the book it mentioned – this book.

Following the advice this book gives is absolutely the best thing we did when weaning our daughter. She’s now almost 11 months old and eats pretty much anything we give her. She’s well ahead of babies of the same age, and much older, who have been weaned the traditional way with purees. The book is brilliant, covers all the things you might worry about and gives you the confidence to get on with it!

This book changed my little boy’s life, L. Sondervorst

My 6months boy started on puree like most kids, and after 2 glorious weeks, it was obvious we were heading towards a battleground as I couldn’t read his signals, was he full, not hungry, did he like it, why all the moaning etc.

I looked further, heard about BLW and bought this book, which has transformed my approach to baby food. Now 8months, he has tried a more varied diet than most adults, he loves eating and discovering new tastes and textures and we are both enjoying mealtimes as a social part of the day. Yes it is messy, but he amazes everyone around him by skills which are, in fact, completely natural. A MUST read, I can’t recommend it too highly. Baby food doesn’t have to be blended and boring, let your kid enjoy it and share your meals, and read this book to find out how.

Essential reading, C. Keepax

After a miserable time weaning my older son the traditional way with purees I couldn’t face going through the same thing again second time around. This excellent book gives clear guidance on why baby led weaning is a good way to introduce food. It outlines how best to approach the blw process, what you can reasonably expect from baby and when. It has given me the confidence to try it with my younger son and the ammunition to defend against criticism. Mealtimes are now much simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in trying blw.

It makes sense!!, R. Moore

This book makes sense!!! It gave me the confidence to let our little boy feed himself. He started off with soft fruit at 6 months and now at 10 months he is eating us out of house and home. Toast, fruit, potatoes and beans, we have tried most things and he is just loving his food. He eats with the rest of the family at the table and he really enjoys is food. This book is fantastic; it is written clearly and is very informative. Worthwhile buy.

Best thing we’ve done, Anon

I can’t recommend this book highly enough; I don’t need to repeat what the other reviewers say as it’s all true – it’s a fantastic book that doesn’t tell you what to do but more to get your head round it being OK for your baby just to gum away on whatever you’re eating (bar the salt and honey). We started straight from mixed bottle/breast feeding at 6 months; there were a couple of gags in the early days but I just sat on my hands and let him sort them out himself which he did (there is an interesting bit in the book about developing gagging reflexes). I haven’t pureed a thing.

3 observations now we’re nearly 3 months in:

– our baby’s day tends to be an hour or so later than his peers. We don’t eat supper til about 7.30 when his father’s come home from work, so bed time can be as late as 9. It does mean though that we eat as a family and his father has been able to share in the experience (which he evangelises as enthusiastically as I do (although he disappears on the pretext of running the bath when it’s time to clear up))
– breakfast is the most difficult meal as I still try to give the baby some cereal (as well as chunks of fruit), but he really doesn’t like being spoon fed so I’m now resorting to just dumping damp Weetabix or Shreddies on his mat and letting him get on with it.
– if you’re nervous about doing BLW, find someone who’s already doing it, if you can, and feed your babies for the first few meals together. We had a friend round who had been whining her way (the baby, and the mother…) through pureed mealtimes where the baby wouldn’t eat: and she sat down with my baby and together they tucked into meatballs and sticks of Double Gloucester (nice?!) and have never looked back.

I feel incredibly proud of all of us for how we’ve done so far, and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Good book, roz

This is a really good book to explain about baby led weaning. The first time round we only had a DVD to follow and the book really fills in the gaps, there is a very helpful section on first foods, and what to do when eating out. This approach to weaning worked very well with both our daughters.

Everyone should read this book, Mrs. Helen Steele

This is a wonderful book. Easy to read, full of useful information, made BLW easy for us and we are total converts! Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Great source of info for BLW, J. D. Arnold

This is a great book to get you started on the path of BLW. I bought it after we had already started – my 5 month old didn’t want to wait and kept grabbing at our food and often getting it into his mouth! – so it was good to read it for reassurance more than anything else. (We are taking it slowly and wont start BLW ‘properly’ until we get to 6 months.)

There has been some criticism on here that it is repetitive but for me that is a good thing as getting time to sit down and read any book cover to cover is impossible with my demanding wee man, so as I’m constantly dipping in and out and it’s good to know that key points are covered again and again (some of it even sinks into my babybrain!!!).

I totally recommend this for anyone thinking about going down the BLW route.

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